The Boost Story

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Tell us about your Company – Where did the Boost Juice Cambodia story begin?

During early 2014, two individuals, Metin and Phanna, with similar yet different backgrounds had surveyed the Food and Beverage (F&B) Market in Cambodia. Quickly they identified that there was an opportunity within the fresh fruit juices and smoothies segment. At the time they had noticed many independent and roadside fruit juice operators, cafes and other small businesses offering fruit juices and smoothies as side product, however within the segment, there was no established company that could offer and specialise primarily in fresh fruit juices and smoothies, with a strong and in depth understanding of the nutritional value of the products.

Metin and Phanna incorporated a company called Oro Pacific (Cambodia) Ltd., and formalised the acquisition process for Boost Juice Master Franchise Agreement for Cambodia. This was finalised with in November 2014 and the team quickly began the groundwork set up a Head Office and starting recruiting the best people for the various roles.

What is BOOST Juice ?

Boost juice was founded in 2000 is Australia by Janine and Jeff Allis. Boost juice has grown to nearly 300 stores in Australia and 150 stores internationally in represented in over 20 countries. Over the last 4 years it has launched on average in 2 countries and 30 stores a year for the last 4 years.

Those countries are UK, Republic of Ireland, Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa, India, Chile, Estonia, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Macau, China, Russia, Republic of Korea, Lithuania, Kuwait United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, and Cambodia.

Why bring BOOST Juice to Cambodia?

Part of the market research showed two main components that re-enforced the desire to bring the Boost Juice brand and products to Cambodia;

The evolving retail beverage market – Over the years we have seen a significant evolution within the retail beverage markets with more beverage alternatives coming into the market. We have seen coffee sales and café shop rapidly increase over the past few years, which was soon followed by the popular bubble tea drinks. With these two beverage categories having flourished, we believe that now is the right time to introduce a truly natural and healthy alternative product into the market segment – fresh squeezed fruit juices and smoothies that are jammed packed with nutritional value. In addition our brand is a international brand with over 15 years of experience in developing the right products with the right nutritional content that taste amazing.

Our consumers and living choices – We have identified that our consumer’s daily behaviour and personal living standards is changing day by day. We have seen a fundamental mind shift towards being more health conscious, consuming more healthier range of foods and beverages, exercising and overall just increasing the mind and body’s well-being. With this focus on health, Boost Juice Cambodia, would love to play a significant part in pioneering this change for Cambodians so that they live a longer, healthier and happier life.

With the retail beverage market evolving and the consumers lifestyles focusing more on health, combined with the “Love Life and Healthy Made Easy” values of Boost Juice Cambodia in addition to offering our natural healthy products range, we believe the time is right for the market segment to get a boost.